British Takeover of South Africa (Part 1)


INTRODUCTION: South Africa is the land of my birth. As such, I have lived through many of the key events in South Africa; amongst them, the assassination of Prime Minister Vervoed, the Sharpeville massacre, the Soweto uprising, the transition to democracy, and much, much more.

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Afrikaner Takeover of South Africa (Part 2)


Welcome back folks. We continue with our narrative on South Africa. The Second World War spanned a period of 6 years, 1939-1945. At the end of it, Eurasia was a pile of smoking heap. All of Europe’s colonial powers were on their knees. The British Empire suffered the most financially.

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Target: South Africa (Part 3)


ENTER THE ANC: When it was founded in 1912 as the South African Native National Conference, the ANC’s leaders were mission-educated ministers, lawyers, and other professionals whose idea was to supersede tribal loyalties in favor of the common interests of all black Africans.

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Why Did Zuma Fire Pravin Gordan?


With the coming to office of Donald Trump as President of the US, a new global geopolitical plan was initiated. This plan is called “Fortress America”. Its aim is to ensure self-sufficiency in all raw materials and commodities, especially oil and gas. While at the same time, plans were activated to blow up Eurasia.

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South Africa’s Increasing Strategic Position


It is important to read the article, “Fortress America”, published earlier this year. A brief review of it will suffice for our story here.

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The Changing of the Guard (Part 4)


As of 1981, the government had designated four of the ten black homelands as “sovereign” states: Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, Transkei, and Venda. All members of the ethnic groups associated with these homelands automatically lost their South African citizenship;

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Why did Zuma FIRE Nene?


South Africa is a member of BRICS. This stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. As related in an earlier issue on BRICS, both London and New York are doing their utmost to sabotage and derail the Brics countries at every opportunity possible.

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BRICS: Cable Geoplitics


In response the the NSA spying scandals targeting Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff,  in October 2013, she announced the laying of a new cable infrastructure to bypass US control of communications .

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BRICS: Mackinder & Geopolitics


Following World War 2 and the defeat of Germany, the very word geopolitics became taboo as it was linked in many eyes with Hitler, and the Nazis. Geopolitics however is larger than that, the study of integrating politics, economics, and geography.

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