The Saudi-US Nexus, A Geopolitical Timeline – 1976-2010 (Part 2 of 3)


We continue from the previous part 1 of this article. The last major point noted was the death of King Faisal, in March 1975. Upon Faisal’s death, the next in line to assume the leadership was King Khaled.

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Trump: The Jerusalem Decision & Russiagate


Almost every week it seems the US administration contrives to highlight the sheer unreality of its policies, rarely more so and more often than in the Middle East. What are these policies? Leave to one side the loose talk about a peace between Israel and Sunni Arab powers such as Saudi Arabia, which will supposedly […]

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Trump’s Mid-East Strategy: Jockeying For Influence


The election of Donald Trump as the next American president has added a major new element of uncertainty to a Middle Eastern picture that had already achieved its highest state of confusion, violence, and uncertainty in its modern history.

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TRUMP – Rockefellers New Manager


The Rockefeller family is , without doubt, the premier power family in the United States. Since 1934, they have been in a position to have effective control of the White House, the main controlling instrument of the United States Government. Who ever controls the White House controls American politics.

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Behind the Terror Bombings: (Part 2 of 3)


This second part of the article focuses on the American involvement with various terror groups, and how it was used to target and undermine its economic competitors.

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Weaponising Islam – “The American & Saudis Takeover” Part 4 of 6


Initially, Saudi Arabia supplied the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) with money only. After 1954, when Nasser cracked down on the MB, Saudi Arabia provided an important refuge for the MB, and many of its members flocked to the kingdom. This migration occurred just as the US was giving up on Nasser and turning to Saudi Arabia.

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Weaponising Islam – “The Arab Spring & ISIS” Part 1 of 6


Introduction: Europe and the West faced an unprecedented social crisis as shock waves of a brutal war in Syria spread around the world. The ISIS, or Islamic State erupted violently onto the world stage in 2014 proclaiming a Global Caliphate.

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The Collapsing Oil Price–Why?


It is my assumption that this time around, the US is once again going to see a successful end to this new strategy.  The war in Syria is not going to end. Rather it is going to suck in more players from around the world. All the while, America is going to sit back, manipulate […]

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Finance: Derivatives and the Imploding Financial System


Most people don’t understand what derivatives are.  Unlike stocks and bonds, a derivative is not an investment in anything real. Rather, a derivative is a legal bet on the future value or performance of something else. Just as one can bet on the horse, or the outcome of a sports game, financiers in London and […]

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The Break Up – Part 2


Conflict no 6 –Break-up of European colonial rule: In the previous issue, we have come to understand the grand plan of the US, in regards to the conquest of the world. And the power of European finance had to be destroyed.

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