The Saudi-US Nexus, A Geopolitical Timeline – 1976-2010 (Part 2 of 3)


We continue from the previous part 1 of this article. The last major point noted was the death of King Faisal, in March 1975. Upon Faisal’s death, the next in line to assume the leadership was King Khaled.

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Trump: The Jerusalem Decision & Russiagate


Almost every week it seems the US administration contrives to highlight the sheer unreality of its policies, rarely more so and more often than in the Middle East. What are these policies? Leave to one side the loose talk about a peace between Israel and Sunni Arab powers such as Saudi Arabia, which will supposedly […]

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The Greater Middle East Project


At the time of the Iraq War in 2003, there appeared a project called the “Greater Middle East”. It was a plan of redrawing of the Old World regime’s map. This redrawing of the map of the Middle East is part of a strategy to put US military boots on the ground in control of […]

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Russia’s Strategic Response


As we have shown in the previous article of this issue –Part 1-, Russian President Putin began to respond to Washington’s Eurasian strategy of surrounding Russia, by developing and deploying counter-measures against Washington.

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Qatar-in the cross-hairs of New York


At one time, from 2002 till 2015, Qatar and the US were very close allies. Then, things began to change.

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What’s Happening with Qatar?


That’s the words on everybody’s lips these days. It’s a study in geopolitics. To better understand the present, we shall do a bit of background.

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Weaponising Islam – “The Muslim Brotherhood” Part 3 of 6


The Beginning: How Britain begat the Brotherhood Jamal Eddine al-Afghani: In 1885, an Iranian proposed the idea of a British-led pan-Islamic alliance among Turkey, Egypt, Iran and Afghanistan against czarist Russia.

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Weaponising Islam – “Roots of Islamic Rage” Part 2 of 6


The Turkish Ottoman Empire had been one of the most powerful and successful empires in the world for more than 6 centuries.

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Economics & Finance: The Carve Up Begins


Decline of Global Trade | Currency Wars |De-Dollarization

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Geo-Politics: The Carve – Up Begins


The “drums of war” have begun to sound. The region in question is the northern parts of Iraq and Syria, more especially on Kurdish regions. Washington has put in motion the creation of a new state, with Mosul as its center.

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