The SINAI Shootdown


The downing of the Russian plane  in mid-November over the Sinai Peninsula was a targeted hit. It was aimed at two countries – Russia and Egypt.

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The Mosul-Haifa Pipeline


As a follow up to the previous issue, we now discuss the story of the Mosul to Haifa pipeline, and this will bring us to the real reason for Israel’s excitement in northern Iraq.

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The Crisis of ISIS


Over the past  18 months the world has been gripped by the phenomenon of ISIS. Who and what is ISIS. Let’s go back to the begining.

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The Arab Spring


The name “Arab Spring” is a term coined in distant offices in Washington, London, and Paris. The upheavals in the Arab World  are not an Arab awakening either ; such a term implies that the Arabs have been sleeping while injustice has been surrounding them.

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The Gas Wars – Part 3


We went with Gazprom to the west into Europe, to the east into China, to the south into Africa. Now we travel to the Eastern Mediterranean. And so, lets start with Syria.

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The Gas Wars – Part 2


Moscow goes East At the end of 2009, precisely as planned and to the surprise of Washington, Russia opened the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline, a 4-year construction project costing some $14 billion.  The pipeline now allows Russia to export oil directly from its East Siberia fields to China as well as Korea and […]

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THE SCO and 9-11: Part 2


( the following is extracted from the original report prepared by the author in August 2001. A few more notes have been added to the original report, in September 2001) Afghanistan : The landlocked state of Afghanistan sits at the crossroads of Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East.

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The Gas Wars – Part 1


Contrary to widely held beliefs in the west, the Cold War did not end with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, or the fall of the  Berlin Wall in November 1989, at least not for Washington. Seeing the opportunity to expand the reach of American military and political power, the Pentagon began a […]

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THE SCO and 9-11: Part 1


(extracted from the original report prepared by the author in August 2001) In order to understand why the attacks of September 11, in New York, took place, we will have to do some background. And it all has to do with the quest for American dominance of Eurasia.

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Iran: A Case Study – Part 3


The real story of Iran’s revolution is a tale that makes spy stories and James Bond movies seem tame by comparison. It is necessary to look behind the closed doors  of the world’s most powerful banks, oil companies, and industrial corporations, and into the paneled boardrooms of elite clubs such as the Council on Foreign […]

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